North Side of the Square Insurance, Inc. (now TN Northside, LC DBA North Side Insurance) was established in June of 1988 by Davis County Savings Bank (now Success Bank) and Bill Van Cleave, who was the owner of two agencies previously purchased from Robert Hockersmith and Audie Redmond. In 1989, an agency owned by J. Dean Baughman was incorporated into the North Side office located at 106 East Jefferson in Bloomfield.

In 1991, North Side of the Square Insurance purchased Weber Insurance in Centerville. The original office was located at 103 East Van Buren in Centerville, then moved to the current location of 109 West Van Buren in 1994.

In 2008 the corporation name was changed from North Side of the Square Insurance to North Side Insurance.

In 2015, North Side Insurance was purchased by True North Companies. The corporation name was changed from North Side Insurance to TN Northside, LC, DBA North Side Insurance. Both offices continue to be staffed by local agents who are committed to providing excellent service to their communities. The Bloomfield office is managed by Sherrie Lawson and the Centerville office is managed by Amy Gonnerman. Both Lawson and Gonnerman continue to serve on the board of directors for the new corporation.

For the past several years the two offices have been staffed by Sherrie Lawson (manager) and Lisa Bell in the Bloomfield office; Amy Gonnerman (manager) and Sandi Kauzlarich in the Centerville office. These agents have a combined experience of more than 85 years in the insurance industry.

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